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Latest News 

  • Water fun tomorrow - please send your child along with togs, towel, goggles and water gun - all named please!  Children need to wear school uniform before and after...  Click here to see our last newsletter for all you need know.
  • Polar fleece update - vouchers coming home soon for those who need to swap over and you can take it in to The Warehouse and get a fleece to fit your child regardless of what size the old fleece was.  This is a product recall, so you are obliged to return the faulty item to school - details on where to drop off will be on the voucher.
  • School uniform hats are compulsory in Term 4 - available for $17 from Reception **from 2016 they will be $20**  No hat no play - please ensure your child has a school uniform hat so they can play outside. 
  • School photo's are available online to view and order.  Just click here and enter the access code INSPIRE15.  Make sure you read the information under the "stop" sign before you proceed.  The deadline for receiving photo's before the end of term was 19 November.  
  • Chicken pox - if your child is confirmed as having chicken pox, please can you let Mrs T know ASAP.  Check out this Ministry of Health page for more information on symptoms, treatment and how long to stay off school: http://www.health.govt.nz/your-health/conditions-and-treatments/school-exclusion 
  • Our phone app is live!  Yes, that's right - we have a mobile phone app for notices, events and other important school messages.  To download the app for free on iPhone or Android - click this link (from your phone!): http://is.gd/H7Ns2A 



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